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Heart of Journaling

Heart of Journaling

Saturday, June 15th


Join Sita Rani a plains cree writer + facilitator on a writing journey with your own stories. Sita utilizes the Indigenous Medicine Wheel’s four directions – emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual, to write introspectively. Through writing prompts and gentle meditation you will be provided the opportunity to write within each of the four aspects.
Open to all levels of writers (especially the self-professed non-writers). Please bring a book to write in, and writing/colouring utensils if you have any.



Sita Rani, M.Ed was a teacher turned workshop facilitator + writer once she became a mother of 3 young children. She has hosted this workshop across Canada for a variety of audiences. Sita is currently working towards publishing her first book based on her graduate work and these workshops in the stunning South Okanagan.

Facebook/Instagram: @sitarani.writer
Website: www.sitarani.ca