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A Constant State of Becoming: New Growth at Purple Lotus

When Purple Lotus opened its doors ten years ago, many of us in the local yoga community found a home. The studio offered a place that was both consistent and inspired, a place of both beauty and comfort, and most importantly, a place that always nurtured a free body, mind and heart. It is no secret that as founder and director, Kamala is the roots of Purple Lotus Yoga. As teacher and friend she is so much more. Her poetry infused language, thoughtful consideration of every individual, attention to detail, infectious smiles, and grace and wisdom infused the physical space of the studio and helped define the community of Purple Lotus.

So it is with immense gratitude that we embrace and accept Kamala’s vision and gift, Purple Lotus Yoga, as she makes growth in new directions that lead her away from Penticton. We will miss Kamala’s consistent presence at the studio, however we know we will continue to share her light by hosting her workshops and teacher trainings.

The community of Purple Lotus is in a constant state of becoming. We will continue to honour our bodies as temples, tend to our spirits and feel connected to our environment and the people around us. As always, you will be guided with ease, knowledge and sensitivity in all our classes. This is constant. As teachers we will continue to inquire, seek new teachings, new poses, breath and meditation. We will be adaptable. This is becoming.

The collective teachers of Purple Lotus embody both continuity and inspiration. We are blessed with a variety of experience, specialties, and skills that go beyond teaching yoga. Our passion and caring will continue to create a vibrant studio and schedule that carries forth the spirit of Purple Lotus while bringing in new offerings. Some of us have been teaching at Purple Lotus since its beginnings!

For a smooth transition Shauna will be responsible for the administration of the studio by mid-June. The intention is to share in decisions and direction with both teachers and students, hopefully even move towards a cooperative structure. The flow and harmony of the studio will always be maintained, you may not even feel a ripple!


  • So thrilled for all the love and devotion all of you have for the studio. Good luck to Kamala on her new adventures, and to all of you stepping up to fill in the spaces she leaves behind!

    • Purple Lotus Yoga

      thank you so much Mugs!

  • You’ve built a legacy Kamala. Our family thanks you and wishes you the best in your next chapter.

  • You’re amazing Kamala; I wish I still lived close to come to your wonderful classes. All the best to you on your new adventure! Ashley (in Osoyoos)

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