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Art of Relaxation: Restorative Yoga

Art of Relaxation: Restorative Yoga

Saturday, August 21st

Join Shambhavi for an afternoon of deep and profound relaxation, where each yogi and yogini will be guided into ease and simplicity.

Students will explore what implementing the ‘art of relaxation’ would mean and look like in their own life right now, as well as learn the benefits that reap from such a practice. Relaxation, restoration and renewal will be experienced through a series of soothing restorative yoga postures, ending with a long Yoga Nidra meditation which will draw students into a deep state of yogic sleep.

Our natural state is that of peace, ease, clarity and bliss. And when we are able to reconnect back to this, we can truly begin to enjoy and relax into life, into our bodies and into all we have been, all we currently are and all we will be.

This workshop is available in studio or live streamed online.