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Ayurveda for Mental & Emotional Health

Ayurveda for Mental & Emotional Health

Saturday, June 25th  1-5:30pm &
Sunday, June 26th  2-4pm

Ayurvedic Approach to Mental/Emotional Health & Balancing One’s Lifestyle (Module 4)

Ayurveda means ‘life knowledge’ and it is a wisdom-rich sister science to yoga that provides an abundance of beautiful knowledge and tools in support of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle in life beyond formal practice on one’s mat. In this interactive and educational Ayurvedic Module, Shambhavi Hughes will guide students in diving deep into learning and doing many internal practices to help explore and reflect upon their own mental and emotional layer of who they are. Concepts will also be discussed and students will do exercises to help students contemplate various aspects of their life in order to reflect upon if there are aspects of their lifestyle that have become out of balance. Some topics explored will be the ayurvedic view on the Yamas (self-restraint practices) and Niyamas (self-observance practices), surrendering one’s Saboteurs (self-doubting ‘internal voice’), clarifying one’s Values, looking at the many aspects of one’s life and setting Goals.

This Module is 2 days of plenty of fun, learning, discussion, group work, activities, and deep introspective personal reflection. Come join Shambhavi to reflect deeply upon one’s lifestyle and mental and emotional self in order to help strive towards greater health, balance and contentment, both in one’s inner world as well one’s greater connection to life.



This Ayurvedic Module is the fourth Foundational Module of a 4 Module Series that Shambhavi offers! In the other 3 Modules the topics that are covered are: Understanding the Elements, Food & Digestion, and Routines and Cleansing. After one completes these 4 Modules, they will have an understanding of these various foundational aspects of Ayurveda which will help empower them to be able to apply these concepts and wisdom practically out into their own lives in order to support themselves in working towards greater health and well-being!

Shambhavi Hughes is very passionate about practicing and teaching both the yogic and Ayurvedic sciences! She has her B. Ed, has been teaching holistic yoga for 11 years and is also an Ayurvedic Bodywork Practitioner (primarily trained under the amazing Ian Hayward!). Shambhavi feels blessed to share ayurvedic wisdom, treatments and tools to support and empower people in living a more balanced lifestyle to optimize their health and well-being.

The pre-req. in order to take this Module is to have already taken the Intro to Ayurveda Workshop & Module 1 through Shambhavi. Please contact us for options.