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Breath Body Restore

Breath Body Restore

Saturday, March 7th
3:00-5:00 pm

Join Sanaz and Devie to unearth the art of slowing down with a guided practice of active meditation and restorative yoga.
Begin with Sanaz’s guidance into deeply restful yoga poses, stimulating the relaxation response and the body’s ability to naturally heal. Open the hips, lower back and shoulders to the centering sounds of heart-warming poetry and soft music. Follow with a breathwork journey in a comfortable supine position. Devie will lead you through this active mediation to access the stillness and inner knowing that lies beyond the thinking mind. The practice will close with hot towelettes infused with immune and mood boosting essential oils, and a sharing of organic gluten-free dark chocolate.

Leave rested, rejuvenated, and deeply calm, more open and fully alive to the possibility in your life.