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February Yoga Challenge

February Yoga Challenge

The Yoga Challenge is back!

February is the perfect month to establish positive habits for self-care and a healthy mind, body and spirit. Our intention is to help you begin or deepen your regular yoga practice. It is also an excuse to have fun, build community and inspire each other!

The steps to participate are simple:

REGISTER HERE to purchase a special $80 pass for 28 days of unlimited yoga (Feb 1-28)
-establish your personal goal for the month (this will be the # of classes you attend each week, it should be more than usual)
-record your name and goal at the studio on the Yoga Challenge board
-challenge yourself to fulfill your goal and encourage others to do the same

There are prizes for all who participate (including 1, 5, and 10-class passes and even another month of free yoga).

Annual and monthly autopay members can take part in the challenge for free!