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Intro to Ayurveda

Intro to Ayurveda

Saturday, October 30th

In this interactive and educational workshop Shambhavi Hughes will introduce and explore some of the basic fundamental principles of the ancient life science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda means ‘ life knowledge’ and it is a wisdom-rich sister science to yoga that provides an abundance of beautiful knowledge and tools in support of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle in life beyond formal practice on one’s mat. Some examples of a few of the topics we will explore we be: some basic ayurvedic philosophy, a close look at each of the 5 elements and 3 Dosha’s (constitutions) and discussions on aspects of Dinacharya (daily routines). Join us all to learn how to further live in harmony with the 5 elements of nature in order to strive towards greater health and well-being!

Everyone is Welcome Class! No prior knowledge or experience in Ayurveda needed. In studio and online options for attendance (please pre-register, space is limited in studio). $70


Shambhavi Hughes is very passionate about practicing and teaching both the yogic and Ayurvedic sciences! She has her B. Ed, has been teaching holistic yoga for 11 years and is also an Ayurvedic Bodywork Practitioner (primarily trained under the amazing Ian Hayward!). Shambhavi feels blessed to share ayurvedic wisdom, treatments and tools to support and empower people in living a more balanced lifestyle to optimize their health and well-being.