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Letters from the Yoga Masters

Letters from the Yoga Masters

Sunday, June 14th
9am – 12:30pm

Explore the beautiful, deeper teachings of yoga as taught by our great yoga masters of the past. Published author Mugs McConnell brings clarity to a treasure trove of teachings and practices, making them accessible for further practice on your own.

We are excited to welcome Mugs back to Purple Lotus for morning Freedom Yoga as taught by Erich Schiffmann! Mugs will include a unique Moon Salutation from her teacher, Dr. Hari Dickman. A practice wouldn’t be complete without pranayama, so Mugs will share techniques to activate the prana and guide it up and down the spine through the chakras. The morning will wind down with a Swami Sivananda’s powerful healing meditation for others, including how to replenish yourself afterward.

Mugs celebrates over 40 years of teaching yoga internationally. Her workshops include various styles of asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, meditation and stories of her path! They are fun, and rich with classical teachings.