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Pain Care Yoga Series

Pain Care Yoga Series

January 27th – February 24th

This special series with Dana is designed to bring people together who are living with persistent pain and to explore the current understanding of pain science and the powerful role yoga can have in helping us navigate that path. Throughout this five week series we will unpack and explore the nature of pain, how our bodies change when we have persistent pain and what we can do to regain a sense of agency in our wellbeing. Please pre-register, space in studio is limited for a small group. Suitable for both beginner and experienced yogis.

$100/5 week session

Dana Powell, a retired physiotherapist, is a yoga teacher who walks her own path of living with persistent pain. She has multiple certifications in Pain Care Yoga. Dana has witnessed the power of yoga to bring healing into her own life and has a passion for sharing it with others.