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Giving and Receiving: The Inhale and Exhale of our Shared Breath

Inhale, exhale. Give and receive. With open hearts and open minds we enter into a new year. Like everyone, Purple Lotus has weathered some changes. Some, like smaller class sizes and an online presence, we appreciate, but never would have anticipated. Now it is easier than ever to let go of expectations and surrender to the flow of new circumstances. As a small studio, the most empowering experience of the year is the simple reality that we are still open. It has not been easy, but the studio has been fortunate to consistently receive just enough to keep going. Some support was unexpected, like a generous donation or new rent relief, but they were all received with gratitude. In 2020, it seems that Purple Lotus practiced the art of receiving, and with the success of our holiday fundraiser classes (over $1000 raised for community members in need), we are reminded of how easy it is to give. So let’s make 2021 about giving!

Moving forward, a small percentage of every drop-in yoga class and pass sold at Purple Lotus will go towards community giving. Each month we’ll donate to a different cause. Our monthly by-donation Community Yoga Class will also be dedicated to raising funds. Our own studio community has welcomed talented new teachers and reached out to new students this past year. Our abundance is in people, connections, teachings, community and wellness, and we recognize the privilege of having a safe and supportive space to share and a community to depend on. Purple Lotus is a social enterprise and hopes our presence as a small business can make positive change. If you know of any non-profit organizations in the Valley or beyond who are doing good work for social, economic or environmental justice, please let us know so that we can do our small part in supporting the larger community we exist in.

We are showered every day with gifts, but they are not meant for us to keep. Their life is in their movement, the inhale and the exhale of our shared breath. Our work and our joy is to pass along the gift and trust that what we put out in the universe will always come back.” -ROBIN WALL KIMMERER

Purple Lotus is grateful to be working on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Sylix people.


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