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Homemade Superfoods Chocolate Recipe

This is by far my favorite healthy treat! Raw organic cacao has so many health benefits including boosting serotonin levels (balances mood), it’s an antioxidant and it’s high in magnesium. It’s also no surprise that it’s related to the heart chakra (energy center in the body). I get all of these ingredients through www.realrawfood.com in Naramata.
From Pachamama Retreat Centre
-400ml raw organic cacao powder
-200ml organic carob powder or more cacao powder
-200ml raw organic cacao nibs
-200ml raw organic cacao butter
-200ml coconut oil
-200ml agave syrup
-dash of salt
Using a double burner, melt cacao butter & coconut oil.
In a mixing bowl, mix cacao powder, carob powder, nibs and some salt.
Mix everything together & add agave last.
When thoroughly mixed, pour into chocolate molds or ice cube trays. Freeze for 10min.
Must be kept in refrigerator or freezer. Chocolates will melt in room temperature.

Since returning from leading my Yoga and Cultural Retreat in Crete, Greece this past June, I’ve had a lot people at the studio wondering what it was like and how it went. It’s difficult to sum up a profound experience into a few short sentences while in passing at the studio but profound, it was. We were a small group of four and I’m sure if you asked each lady what the highlights of their Greece trip were, they would be different than mine, so may I humbly offer my synopsis of our trip. 

We stayed in a beautiful private home just outside of Heraklion that was a five minute walk from miles of beach. It was incredibly warm during the days and cooled off in the evenings. The main surprise of the trip was the generosity and hospitality of our house hosts, George and his daughter Katarina. As our days progressed there, they continually went out of their way to demonstrate and share the Greek philosophy of “philotimo”: the feeling of not being able to do enough for someone, expressed through acts of generosity and sacrifice without expecting anything in return. “Philotimo” to Greeks is a way of life including virtues such as honor, courage, dignity, nobility, moral pride, self sacrifice, respect and gratitude.
Never in my travels have I experienced this shocking level of kindness.

There was lots of yoga, breathwork, chanting and meditation but also trips to remote villages, long luxurious meals in restaurants where George ordered enough food to cover the large tables so we could try everything, a day trip to the historical island of Spinalonga, day trip to the ruins of Knossos and the archaeological museum, a visit to an old monastery, and to George’s shoe making shop where we met his mother and brother who showed us so much love we felt adopted by them.
And there was water therapy on their world renowned beaches.
I am admittedly a beach connoisseur (Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, India, Domincan Republic, Nicaragua) and nowhere have I been so completely awed by such beauty as I was on Crete beaches. Every immersion into the sea was a religious experience for me, clean and postcard-picturesque.

I fell in love with the way of life and the people there. It’s a strange thing to visit a place for the first time and feel like it’s home. I left overflowing with gratitude and vowed to be back someday. It was the perfect setting to hold space for lots of yoga and self inquiry.

Should a retreat be on your radar in 2016, Tash Scott is offering a cool and unique Okanagan retreat next summer. Check it out on Tash’s Website

Love, Kamala


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