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New Year’s Journaling and Fire Ritual

As someone who loves to journal and is interested in evolving as a person, I enjoy taking time around Dec 31 to assess and form a loose game plan for the year. There is lots of goal setting and intention making during this time which helps to align your actions in 2016 but I’ve found this recapitulation exercise a great way to honor the ups and downs of the past year and add a degree of gratitude for lessons learned. Grab your journal and pen, bring closure to 2015 while making space for what’s ahead.
Your best moments were in…
Your worst moments were in…
List all emotionally charged moments of the last year
List the things you accomplished
List the changes you’ve gone through
List the actions about which you felt proud/happy
Moments that felt close and loving Actions or words you regretted Moments of conflict Behaviour that led to my or others suffering Incidences where I felt hurt or angry due to someone else’s actions Memories of not living up to my best self

Rip the pages of the answers out of your journal, bless it with this offering before throwing it in a fire.

“I offer everything that happened this past year, positive and negative to the sacred fire. May all my mistakes be forgiven. May the karmas of this past year be dissolved, I offer gratitude for my life.”


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