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Personal Potential

Welcome to 2018.
Last year was hard, harder than I ever want to go into without bringing on tears. The kind of hard that conditions you to be continually in a braced position, waiting for more shoes to drop. Without consciously choosing it, I realized due to never wanting to be burned by the stoves of life again, I had developed mildly effective aversion strategies and have been making choices based on my fears of never wanting to be burned again.

Fuelled in life by fear.

It wasn’t terribly inspiring but there is something to be said for feeling safe and in control (regardless of how real the safety and control are).
In thinking about my intentions for 2018, I journaled about projects, goals and such. Then I realized I didn’t much care what transpires in 2018 as long as the decisions I make, projects I take on, people I invite into my life are all based on wanting to realize my personal potential rather than fear.

The differences between the two and the results they create are monumental.
Living in fear makes us less apt to explore our edges in work, relationship and life. There’s a sense of luxury or unworthiness around wanting the best for yourself when you are functioning in survival mode. When we don’t explore our edges in a yoga pose or in life, we limit growth in a big way.

I certainly don’t want to live a stifled life.

I want a life of possibility. One where I can create life-art that is bold and exemplifies fullness (and maybe a bit of outrageousness.) I want to take risks in trying new things and dig a little deeper into relationship with myself and others. I want my time on and off the mat to be organic and evolving rather than rigid and burdened with expectation.

Whatever your aspirations for 2018 are, I wish you the same. May we allow ourselves to be pulled by full-body YESes. May our heads yield to our deeper wisdom and may we walk in a way that’s in alignment mind-body-heart but also in harmony with the world around us.

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  • … And may we trust that we can be our own safety net and safe place to fall — with that knowledge fear can dissipate because we can trust in ourselves that if it all goes belly up we’ll still be okay! Thanks for sharing your powerful words and intentions Kamala. I very much enjoyed reading this. Louise

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