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Retreat to the rescue!

Weekend Wellness Retreat    by Kamala

When you are driving up to Sparkling Hill Wellness Resort just outside of Vernon, BC, you know you are making a pilgrimage to the land of inner peace. The level of customer service makes you feel like the valued person you are and the soul-nourishing attention to the details of beauty and aesthetics might tear you up with heart opening or at the very least make you stop in your tracks to admire.

I’ve gone there after life has had it’s way with me, feeling depleted and disenchanted. Every time I leave, I have the same baffling sensation of having been on holiday for a week even though it’s only been a night or couple days.  What’s special about it other than the unparalleled beauty of the resort and its surroundings is that it hosts a variety of steam baths, dry saunas, a water foot therapy pool, an indoor pool, a hot tub and the most exquisite outdoor pool I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. There is no fighting it, this place makes you slow down and appreciate.

I wish this kind of battery replenishment for everyone. These kinds of self care and molasses-paced days can do wonders for your body, mind & spirit. It’s the perfect place for doing the kind of work I love to do. I’ll be leading a yoga retreat at Sparkling Hill Nov 24-26/17. The picture with this post is actually of me in the yoga space at Sparkling Hill. You can imagine the view while we practice.

If this sounds like something you could use or perhaps you know someone who could benefit from some battery reset at that time of year, all the retreat information (including a proposed retreat agenda) can be found here. Early bird rate is on till Aug 24!

Wishing you peace & ease,




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