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Spring: Is it too soon for this blog post?

Someone came into the studio the other day and said she saw the first signs of blossoms coming up from the ground in her backyard. Another student rode her bike to class. Across the board, moods are lighter. It seems all signs point to spring’s inevitability. The cycle of new growth brings a sense of hope and potential in all aspects of my life and I hope to yours too. It’s a reminder of nature’s potency and timing. In all living things there is a seed of innate intelligence wanting to blossom into its’ fullest potential. And guess what? You and I are a part of nature. It’s a universal commonality that all of us share. Certainly there are moments in life when this longing to be our fullest is suppressed by old habits or shadow parts of us but for the most part, it feels good to engage with life in a way that is enhancing and uplifting. And this kind of consistent participation in things and people that enhance and uplift us makes us shiny and a magnet for awesomeness.

Yoga is my own personal speed-dial spring. Every time I get on my mat I am curious, and want to know more about the way my mind and body work. I get humbled by limitations, yet hold a healthy respect and awe of my body’s capacity to make boundaries and heal. On days when I’m clearest and my body is most open, I savor it to the max, like I do with chocolate or an embrace or Savasana.

As spring slowly unfolds, notice the pull to engage more in social situations, the call to be outside more and the percolating of creativity inside you. You are nature and if you haven’t felt it already, you are about to awaken into a new promising cycle of rebirth, reinvention or at the very least, re-calibration to the side of you that longs make things happen.
My advice? Put your artist hat and your work gloves on and lean into it with the exuberance of a child and wisdom of your years.

If you’re looking for opportunities for personal growth in yoga, join me in Sorrento, BC Apr 27-29/18 for a weekend of nature, lots of yoga, meditation and breathwork (and peace and quiet) designed to take you deeper than drop in classes allow. The Early Bird rate cut off is Feb 27/18.
And for dedicated practitioners ready for the teaching path, there are also 2 opportunities for yoga teacher training with me this year in two formats. Mar 16-Jun 17 is a four month, weekends only training at Purple Lotus and a 16day immersion in October in Naramata.
Both the retreat and teacher trainings are open to students of all abilities who sincerely want to know more about yoga.

May your spring unfolding be gentle and inspired,


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