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Yoga as Art

Years ago I went into a local art gallery, killing time. I happened across a magnificent painting that stopped me dead in my tracks. As I stared at it, taking in the soft shapes and rich color, tears rolled down my cheeks. It evoked something unvoiced in me, something I was aching for. The artist came out and asked if I was ok. Distilled into words, I tried to explain how the beauty of her work had affected me but as with most profound experiences, words were inadequate to convey what I felt.
I looked into her eyes. The Universe had channeled this masterpiece through her. My heart burst with gratitude for the artist’s commitment to her vision and for her gift of conveying the indescribable in the language of colour & texture.

Had she suppressed her gift or not shared it, my world would have been a dimmer place, for sure.

What you do and how you do it matters. We all have artistic expression. We paint the canvas of our days with routines that support us optimally and we fill it with the people and events that add texture. We are deliberate about what we like to eat, how we post on social media and how we speak to our children. We are mindful creatures when life isn’t pulling at us from all directions. The intention you bring to your day has a ripple effect so far-reaching you cannot perceive your contribution to your people and your community.

Showing up on the mat to connect with yourself has implications for your conversations, decisions and outlook for the day. Does your time on the mat reflect compassionate exploration? Are you vacating your body while in a challenging pose or are you holding space for it? It all matters, even when you opt not to choose consciously.

Our call as Yogis is to make art out of life through our moment-to-moment deliberateness. We move and breathe on purpose as we follow inspiration and Life’s pull.
Here’s the canvas of your day.
What do you want to create?


  • How eloquent and touching – thank you for sharing your experience and making the analogy. It inspires me to paint my best canvas every moment of every day – it was a messy one today but with this it mind the next one will be better!

    • Purple Lotus Yoga

      Thanks Linda!

  • Change is a constant .I’ve been with Kamla from before Purple Lotus and will adjust as we all will but it will be a challenge which I will rise to. Thank you Kamela for everything, I can’t begin to list and best wishes for your future.

    • Purple Lotus Yoga

      Thank you Gill, it’s been an honour all these years! -Kamala

  • Maybe improve my spelling!

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