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What the heck is Anusara Yoga?

With all the different styles of yoga to choose from, I understand when a student is confused about what might be a good fit for her. I’d like to shine the light on Anusara Yoga in this post. It’s usually known and loved for its precise alignment guidelines and classes with heart themes. I have been exploring Anusara Yoga for about ten years and I can tell you that the way Anusara aligns the body in poses has brought a lot of needed stability and healing to my body but I’ve kept coming back for the life affirming tantric philosophy that subtly permeates its classes. Even way back in the day when I didn’t understand how to “scoop my tailbone” I knew I felt more connected to others and better about myself after leaving an Anusara class.

Wanting to learn how to facilitate such a class, I started the path of learning & integrating the specific alignment guidelines by attending Anusara Immersions, followed by Anusara teacher trainings then one on one assessments with a mentor. My seven-year path to teaching Anusara Yoga culminated in receiving my Anusara-Inspired ™ designation last winter. Presently, there are only eight of us in Canada who are licensed to teach the Anusara system (which I have been, every Tuesday and Friday at 9am at Purple Lotus for the last few years). So it’s with incredible excitement that I announce two Anusara Yoga workshops happening at Purple Lotus Tuesday Jun 6 with my Anusara soul-sista from Montana, Bonnie Kiser. From 5-7pm she will offer a more dynamic, intermediate level practice and from 7:15-9:15pm, an Anusara Restoratives practice. Anusara Restoratives are gentle although include more alignment and subtle engagement than our usual Restorative classes. Expect both classes to be therapeutic and heart opening.

I hope you join me for this rare opportunity to practice with an experienced Anusara instructor! Register for both workshops for $60+tax or a single workshop for $40+tax in studio or online.
Come find me if you have any questions about Anusara or the upcoming workshops with Bonnie Kiser.

With love,

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  • Yay! I am so excited for this opportunity.

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